Ready, Set, Sync

That's the tutorial. doubleTwist Sync is a new, lightweight app for your PC to sync your music, videos and pictures over USB or over WiFi.


Sync bidirectionally (that's a fancy word for both ways) with iTunes! Change playlists on your device and have your changes reflected in your library after syncing. doubleTwist just got smarter!


Works with devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus that require MTP support and cannot be mounted as a USB drive.


We've worked long and hard to make this version of doubleTwist the lightest and fastest at syncing and working with your devices. Better yet, it's simpler and easier to use than ever!

We're here and ready to help you with doubleTwist Music Player. Visit our help pages or get support.

doubleTwist is a small Austin, Texas based company! Want to meet the team?

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