Guide to doubleTwist Pro and Upgrading

This help page explains what doubleTwist Pro is and how to purchase.

If you want to reinstall doubleTwist Pro on a new device, please see this help page if you purchased doubleTwist Pro as a paid app from the Play Store or this help page if you purchased doubleTwist Pro from within our app as an in-app purchase.

doubleTwist Musc & Podcast Player is free to use and has basic playback features in free mode. To get the maximum benefit, a purchased upgrade to doubleTwist Pro is needed to unlock the following features:

  1. AirSync: Wireless syncing of iTunes songs and playlists from your computer. Plus the ability to stream music to your Airplay, Chromecast, and DLNA DMR device. The AirSync help topic has more help pages and information about AirSync.

  2. Music Lover: Delicious 10-band equalizer along with SuperSound(tm) binaural audio enhancement and automatic artwork downloading.

  3. Podcasts: Ad-free access to our brand new re-vamped Podcast player with variable speed playback, -10/+30 jump controls, and Download Manager.

  4. To upgrade to doubleTwist Pro, tap on the "UPGRADE" banner in the Nav Drawer. If the Nav Drawer has been closed, you can slide it back out by tapping on the 3-horizontal line "hamburger" icon in the upper left.
  5. The doubleTwist Store will appear. You can purchase doubleTwist Pro (or a discounted doubleTwist Pro Upgrade if you've previously purchased any other upgrades). You can also purchase just the AirSync upgrade, which will only allow wireless syncing and AirPlay streaming (no Chromecast or DLNA streaming).
  6. Tap on "doubleTwist Pro" and then "BUY" to Google Play dialog that will appear to purchase the upgrade. You may need to enter your account password as confirmation.
  7. After the purchase has been successfully processed, the item will show as "PURCHASED" in the Store. All purchases are tied to the account used to purchase. If you ever need to reinstall or install on a new device, just make sure that the device has the same primary/first account that was used to purchase and your purchase will automatically unlock and be available for use.
  8. If you've previously purchased AirSync, Music Lover, Podcasts or AirSync + Music Lover, you can upgrade to doubleTwist Pro by purchasing a discounted doubleTwist Pro Upgrade option. The app will automatically detect previously purchased upgrades and will show a discounted price for the upgrade to doubleTwist Pro.

  9. doubleTwist Pro is also available as an paid app from the Play Store for users that are having problems with in-app purchasing. The only difference between the apps is the method used to purchase. There are no differences in functionality.

We're here and ready to help you with doubleTwist Music Player. Visit our help pages or get support.

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