How do I enter an unlock code in doubleTwist for Android?

Note: If you have already purchased a premium doubleTwist feature from the Google Play Store, you do not need to enter a retail code. The premium feature will be automatically activated upon completion of the purchase transaction.

If you have not yet installed doubleTwist Music Player for Android, you can do so here.

If you've received a retail/unlock code for a particular premium feature, such as doubleTwist Pro, or purchased a doubleTwist scratch card at a retail store, you will need to enter this code in doubleTwist Settings.

While in the doubleTwist Music Player for Android home screen, tap on the doubleTwist icon to slide out the menu. Then tap on “Settings” to bring up the doubleTwist Settings screen.

Then navigate to the very bottom of the screen. Tap the "Enter Retail Code" line item and enter your code.

Make sure to enter the retail/unlock code without any spaces.

The feature will now unlock and be available for use. This will register the primary account on the device to this unlock code. If you ever need to reinstall in the future, just install the doubleTwist Music Player app and as long as you are using the same account on the device, the feature will unlock.

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