How does doubleTwist Music Player handle album artwork?

How does doubleTwist Music Player handle album artwork?

doubleTwist Music Player can use artwork from three sources.

  1. Embedded artwork in the ID3 metadata tags.
  2. Image files in the same directory.
  3. Artwork lookup using the Music Lover (& doubleTwist Pro) upgrade.

ID3 metadata is an industry standard way of storing information in the music files themselves. More information about ID3 tags is available here.

In addition to artwork, each file should have artist and album ID3 metadata information or else the artwork may not be displayed as the artwork database indexes on artist/album information.

Also, in iTunes, only artwork that is manually assigned using the "Get Info" contextual menu option is embedded as ID3 information into the files. If you use the "Library > Get Album Artwork" in iTunes to automatically look up artwork, this information is stored in an iTunes-specific database file and not embedded into the files. doubleTwist is not able to retrieve information from this iTunes database so iTunes automatically looked up artwork is not supported.

If there is no embedded artwork in the ID3 metadata tags, doubleTwist Music Player will look for an "albumart.jpg" file located in the same directory as the album. If there is a valid image file named "albumart.jpg", it will be used as the artwork for this album.

For files that do not have embedded artwork or an "albumart.jpg" file, doubleTwist Music Player will automatically download artwork if the Music Lover (or doubleTwist Pro upgrade) is enabled. This artwork is not embedded into the files but stored inside the doubleTwist folder in a "thumbnails" directory. If an album was not automatically recognized with high confidence, artwork downloading might be skipped for that album. You can then manually lookup artwork for that album from the Album Grid view by long pressing on the album or from the Now Playing screen using the "Get Artwork" option.

From the "Select Artwork" dialog, you can also select any image files that are in the same directory as the album.

If you are experiencing problems with artwork, please try resetting the artwork database in doubleTwist.

If that does not work, please try a full reset of doubleTwist Player.

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