How to Reset the Database in doubleTwist Sync

How to Reset the Database in doubleTwist Sync

To reset the doubleTwist Sync database, please quite doubleTwist Sync and delete DTMediaLibrary.sqlite3 & DTMediaLibrary.sqlite3-journal. Here are the steps needed:

  1. Quit doubleTwist Sync.
  2. The doubleTwist library database files are stored inside the doubleTwist folder on your PC. The full path is:

  3. C:\Users\[YOUR_USERNAME]\Appdata\Local\doubletwist Corporation\doubletwist Desktop\Data\[LONG_RANDOM_STRING]\

    For example, on this test machine. The [YOUR_USERNAME] is "admin" and the [LONG_RANDROM_STRING] is "c08ae282-7749-4a26-b6e7-ad9492e335ad". So, the full path is as follows:

    C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\doubleTwist Corporation\doubleTwist desktop\Data\c08ae282-7749-4a26-b6e7-ad9492e335ad
  4. You may need to adjust settings to see hidden folders if you do not have this option already set.

    Windows 7
  5. Windows 8

  6. For a shortcut to the "doubleTwist desktop" directory, please paste this into an Explorer window (this shortcut will work on systems that do not have the view hidden folders option enabled).


  7. Delete the DTMediaLibrary.sqlite3 & DTMediaLibrary.sqlite3-journal files.

  8. Upon next launch after deleting these files, you may see a very brief flash of a dialog as doubleTwist reimports from iTunes and Windows Media Player to recreate the library database. This will not affect any other settings in doubleTwist Sync.

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