How to Stream to Airplay, Chromecast, & DLNA Devices in doubleTwist Pro v3 & CloudPlayer

How to Stream to Airplay, Chromecast, and DLNA Devices in doubleTwist Pro v3 and CloudPlayer

  1. doubleTwist Pro v3 & CloudPlayer allows for streaming to Airplay, Chromecast, or DLNA Media Renderer (DMR) devices. Not all file formats are supported. More information about file formats is available here. When a compatible device is detected on the network, the "Cast" icon is displayed on the App/Action Bar.
  2. The "Cast" icon is always available in the Now Playing screen but if no devices can be detected, the "Finding devices" dialog will be continuously shown instead of a list of available devices.
  3. If devices can be detected, a list of devices will be shown. Select a device to start streaming to it.
  4. The icons will be inversed to indicate that the app is now actively streaming. You can control volume by using the hardware volume keys on your device. A software volume control is also available if you tap on the "Cast" button again.
  5. To stop streaming, tap on the "Cast" icon and then select the "STOP CASTING" option.
  6. If the app does not automatically detect your Airplay, Chromecast, or DLNA DMR device, please try rebooting all of your devices, including the wireless router. To verify that it's not a hardware networking issue, you can use something like ZeroConf Browser or Bonjour Browser to check that your Android device is able to see your Airplay device. Audio-only devices such as the Airport Express or receivers will appear in the "Remote Audio Output Protocol (AirTunes)" section of Bonjour Browser. Apple TVs will also appear as it supports both AirTunes and AirPlay protocols.
  7. For Chromecast, use something like Google's YouTube app to check that your device is able to detect the Chromecast correctly. If the YouTube app doesn't see the Chromecast either then it's likely a hardware networking problem and not an issue with the app.
  8. For DLNA devices, please use a UPnP/DLNA browsing utility like UPnP Scanner to make sure that your Android device can see your DLNA device and that it's showing as a "MediaRenderer".

    Note: Only DLNA Media Renderers (DMR) are supported by doubleTwist Pro & CloudPlayer. These include the XBox 360, Sonos connected speakers, and many models of Smart TVs. DLNA Media Player (DMP) only devices like the PlayStation 3 are not yet supported.


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