Why are Songs in My Cloud Accounts Missing From My Cloudplayer Library?

Why are Songs in My Cloud Accounts Missing From My Cloudplayer Library?

  1. Upon first launch or when linked to a cloud account, CloudPlayer will parse all sound files for metadata (song/album/artist names, etc.) and artwork so they can be added to the library database. This is done very quickly for local files but this process will be slower for cloud items as information from each file has to be extracted. Speeds can vary based on how fast the network connection is but an average of 1500 files per hour can be expected for cloud indexing.
  2. CloudPlayer may skip files if it detects that the file is already in the library database or if there was some type of hardware or network error. A log of skipped files is kept in the CloudPlayer log located here (either in internal storage or the SD card, depending on the CloudPlayer "Storage:" setting):

    The latest log will be named "cloudPlayer.0.0.log" while older logs will be numbered higher. (e.g. "cloudPlayer.1.0.log", "cloudPlayer.2.0.log", etc.)

    When using a file manager that shows full paths and when "Storage:" is set to "Internal", navigate to:


    When "Storage:" is set to "MicroSD", the path will vary because Android can use a random identifier when formatting the SD card. But the format will typically be "XXXX-XXXX".

    The full path for the screenshot: /storage/9AEC-131A/Android/data/com.doubleTwist.cloudPlayer/files/logs/

  3. The log files are text files can be viewed in any text editor. When using a file manager, selecting the log file should automatically prompt for the app to be used to open the log file. (Note: The steps will vary from file manager app to file manager app.)
    QuickEdit is a good free text editor that's very fast and includes line numbering.
  4. There will be a log entry for each file that was not indexed due to filtering or errors. Entries will also be made if there was incomplete metadata for file. Other entries may include a playback log and casting debugging information.
    If the file is being skipped is a duplicate of an entry already in the library database, the entry will look like this.

    2016.06.22 00:27:23.539 DEBUG [NGMediaProvider] NGMediaProvider - skipping duplicate from GoogleDrive: signature=cb3526eddc47ef202e70a9689a3c1a29, fileName=01 - The Healing Room.mp3

    If the file is being skipped is because of a hardware or networking problem, the error message will vary but may contain "IllegalStateException" or "I/O error".

    2016.06.22 16:55:14.707 DEBUG [NGMediaProvider] NGMediaProvider - error getting metadata: 10 - Mr. Moustache.mp3 java.lang.IllegalStateException: I/O error

  5. For files skipped due to hardware or networking problems, another attempt will be made during the next scan. You can force a cloud scan by using the "Scan Cloud Storage" option in CloudPlayer Settings.
    We are working to add a more detailed indexing report to a future update so it will be easier to tell why a file was skipped or not indexed during a scan.

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